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36-2001-W 36-1901-W 24-0302
Easily mix meat & seasonings for burgers, sausage, or jerky. Attach to a Weston Commercial Grade meat grinder for hands-free mixing! Easily mix meat & seasonings for burgers, sausage or jerky
Weighing your meat before processing is vital to making the best tasting jerky, sausage, and other prepared meats. The Weston 44 lb Flat Top Dial Scale is a must-have for the home game processor who doesn't require a 110 lb scale.
47-2501 29-2501 83-7001-RT
Butcher Saw w/ 25" Stainless Steel Blade Easily cut meat into manageable sizes for processing. All with stainless steel blades and riveted handles.
83-7001-W 47-2201 47-1601
All with stainless steel blades and riveted handles. Butcher Saw w/22" Stainless Steel Blade Butcher Saw w/ 16" Stainless Steel Blade
47-1401 23-0404-W 04-0001-RT, 04-0002-RT
Weston Hog Ring Pliers
Our Price: $29.99

Close off mahogany casings when making summer sausage. Injector 4oz Brass/Nickel Aprons available in Realtree AP® Camo or Realtree AP®  Pink Camo
23-0402-W 34-0104 34-0103
Injector 2oz Brass/Nickel Gloves, XL, Cut Resistant Kevlar Gloves, Large, Cut Resistant Kevlar
34-0102 34-0101 07-0602-W
6-Piece Cleaning Brush Set
Our Price: $12.99

Gloves,  Medium, Cut Resistant Kevlar Gloves,  Small, Cut Resistant Kevlar Six brush sizes for small, tight spaces. Extra long handles. Rugged construction and stiff bristles.
83-8002-W 83-8001-W 03-0101-W
Weston 50 lb Heavy-Duty Meat Lug
List Price: $15.99
Our Price: $12.99
You save $3.00!

Weston 40 lb Heavy-Duty Meat Lug
List Price: $12.99
Our Price: $10.99
You save $2.00!

Larger, 50 lb. capacity extra-deep FDA-approved meat lug for easily toting foods while working on large projects. 40 lb. capacity FDA-approved meat lug fits perfectly under your Weston Meat Grinder. Food Grade Silicone Spray
23-0302-W 47-2502-W 47-2202
Injector 2oz Plastic Butcher Saw, 25" Replacement Blade Stainless Steel Butcher Saw, 22" Replacement Blade Stainless Steel
03-0401 29-1602 47-1602
Lubricant-Sanitary, Lubrifilm Plus 4 oz. Butcher Saw, Rplc Blade 16" Carbon Steel Butcher Saw, 16" Replacement Blade Stainless Steel
47-1452 23-0301-W
Weston Hog Rings (500 Ct.)
Our Price: $6.99

Hog Rings (500 Ct.) Injector 1oz Plastic