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Meat Mallet with cast-aluminum head and rubber wood handle. White cast-aluminum Single-Support Manual Meat Cuber/Tenderizer with clamp to mount to counter. Comes with stainless steel tongs and combs. White Cuber/ Tenderizer attaches to Weston Commercial Grinders. Includes stainless steel combs and tongs.
Dalton - Ruhlman Kitchen Essentials Meat Mallet
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"While there are all kinds of mallets available, Mac and I were unable to find one with multi-purpose sides like the one I found years ago in an antique shop. So we made it ourselves!"
Simply drop in a steak and turn the handle to cube or tenderize even the toughest cuts of meat. Can even be used as a Jerky Slicer when paired with Jerky Slicer blades (sold separately). Clamps to your countertop. Cuber/Tenderizer for any Weston Pro Series Grinder (08-0801-W, 08-1201-W, 08-2201-W & 08-3201-W).