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Pro Series Vacuum Sealer FAQs
Last Updated: 04/15/2013
What is the difference between the Pro 2100 and the Pro 2300?

The only difference between the two units is their outer appearance. The Pro 2300 has a Stainless Steel exterior finish, and the Pro 2100 has a Powder White Coat exterior finish.

Does this unit work with all vacuum sealer bags?

All Weston Vacuum Sealers are “out of chamber” sealers. As with any “out of chamber” sealer, household bags and all other non-textured or non-embossed bags are not compatible and should not be used. For best results, bags containing a textured or embossed lining are recommended. Please watch this video for further explanation.

How do you prepare vacuum bags from a roll?

  • Cut vacuum bag to desired length and place either open end of the bag against the oval chamber seals.
  • Make sure that the bag is free of wrinkles and creases in the bag sealing area. Close the lid and press the start button to engage the pump and heating element. Press the manual button to seal end of bag.
  • When sealing is complete, the lid will release.

What precautions should I take when sealing moist foods, meats, or lose dry goods?

When excess moisture, powders and other lose substances are drawn into the Vacuum Sealer, damage to the unit may occur. Try these simple tricks when vacuum sealing fresh meats and fish:

  • When possible, freeze meat and fish in advance. Freeze just enough so that the liquid is not as easily extracted during the sealing process.
  • Add a paper towel near the opening of the bag, about ½” to a 1” below the area that will be sealed. Fold an absorbent paper towel several times so that it’s thick enough to catch a majority of the liquid during suction, and stick at the open end of the vacuum sealer bag. The towel will be sealed inside of the bag along with product.
Try this simple trick when vacuum sealing loose dry ingredients (i.e. flour, millet, oats, etc…)
  • Place your ingredients in a plastic sandwich bag, plastic wrap, or leave in original packaging before placing in the vacuum sealer bag. The double coverage will provide extra freshness and keep your vacuum hose free of debris.

How long can I operate the unit?

  • To prevent overheating, wait at least 20 seconds between cycles with the lid open. Avoid touching the Seal Bar Tape, as it will remain hot for a brief period of time after each cycle use.
  • The Vacuum Sealer will automatically shut down if it overheats. If this occurs, turn the unit off and open the lid. Resume normal operation once the unit completely cools after around 20 minutes.

Are the parts replaceable on this unit?

Some parts of the Vacuum Sealer may need replacing after repeated use. Maintenance Kits and other parts are sold separately. Please refer to your instruction manual for a list of parts that are available. Parts can be ordered by clicking here or by contacting Weston Products directly at 800-814-4895.

Does this unit include a Jar Sealing Attachment?

We do not offer a Jar Sealing Attachment with the Pro 2100 or Pro 2300 units. Please see our Realtree Sportsman's Advantage Vacuum Sealer for canister sealing options.

My Pro 2300 Vacuum Sealer just arrived and it is white instead of stainless steel. Why?

To keep your new Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer looking flawless, we place a protective film over all Stainless Steel parts. This film is white and can be easily removed. Simply peel the film off, and you will see the beautiful Stainless Steel finish beneath.

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