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Weston Meat Slicer FAQs
Last Updated: 03/04/2016

Can the Weston Pro 320 10", Weston 9", Weston 7.5" or Realtree® 7.5" Meat Slicers be used for anything other than meat?

  • The 7.5”, 9” and Pro 10" Meat Slicers come with a smooth edge rotary blade that is perfect for slicing meats and veggies.
  • Weston also offers a 7.5" Serrated Blade, available as an accessory for the 7.5" Meat Slicers. The Serrated Blade is perfect for slicing breads and cheeses.

Do your Meat Slicers come with a built-in blade sharpener?

Our Pro 320 10" Meat Slicer does come with a detachable blade sharpener which you can either turn around or remove during normal use. We recommend using the sharpener just once or twice a year. Our 9" and 7.5" Meat Slicers do not come with a blade sharpener; however, we do offer Replacement Meat Slicing Blades, as the blades are expected to dull over time with repeated use.

What is the varied rate of thickness for each Meat Slicer?

All of our meat slicers have an adjustable thickness setting that ranges from deli thin to over 1/2" thick.

How long can I continuously operate the Meat Slicer?

  • To prevent overheating, do not run the slicer for more than 15 minutes at a time.
  • You may resume normal operation once the unit completely cools after 30 minutes.

Are the parts replaceable on Weston Meat Slicers?

  • Some parts may need replacing over time after repeated use (for example, the food pusher, slicing blade, gears, or belt). Please refer to your instruction manual for a list of parts that are available.
  • Parts can be purchased on this site at, or by contacting our Customer Service Team directly at 800-814-4895.

How do I properly clean my Weston Meat Slicer?

  • Clean the outer surface of the Meat Slicer body and base with a damp cloth. Mild detergent or water can be used to dampen the cloth.
  • Remember to wipe away from the blade, NEVER wipe toward the blade.
  • Never immerse Motor Assembly in water or any other liquid.
  • Do not use steel wool, abrasive cleaners, or sharp utensils to clean.
  • Dry all parts thoroughly before reassembling.
  • Remember to spray the blade with food safe silicone spray before each to use, to keep the meat from binding or sticking.
  • Follow the Cleaning Instructions provided in your Meat Slicer Instruction Manual.

I lost my product manual, do you offer them online?

We sure do. Simply navigate to the product page for your particular Meat Slicer model. The manual will be listed under 'Use & Care.'

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